Countdown To The Launch – 2 weeks to go!

The paper print books (author gets the first batch) of The Third Hole, arrived a couple of days ago!  I was so excited and relieved – 5 beautiful cartons.  My husband Jerry and our concierge stacked up the boxes on a trolley and Jerry brought them up to our condo.  He actually lifted each one off the cart.  Remind me to be nicer to him.

The top of one carton was open and there it was!  The cover of The Third Hole in all its glory.  By now most of you have seen it on my web site or on Facebook – the body lying in the water with a  golf flag sticking out of it – sort of gives you a hint on where the story is going.

I was planning on taking two special ladies out for dinner that night  –  the gorgeous, tall, blond cop many of you have told me that you are dying to meet at the launch and my equally gorgeous, but much shorter criminal lawyer who you should also be dying to meet.  Should I let them see the book before the launch?  Mmm, well, at least I should check the acknowledgements to make sure their names were spelled correctly.

So I took one book out of the box.  And I nearly passed out cold!  OMG – half of the book had to be missing!  It looked so skinny. The Third Hole was almost half the size of each of my other three books… and it was only 50 pages less.  What happened???  So I grabbed the book, grabbed a chocolate bar (I fell off the wagon) ran into my bedroom closed the door, and did an immediate read.  Everything was there.  How was this possible?

Just at that moment I got an email from my good friend and former editor, Don Bastian of BPTSD Books.  I lamented about my skinny book – and what he said is worth sharing with you.

“I find that there is always a bit of a shock when the book heaves into view because until that time it has been imagined into legendary proportions!”

It has been ten years since my last book – in those days there were no e-books .  Books started out as hardcovers – much thicker paper –5 or 6 pages of acknowledgements, thanks, etc. etc.  Even when the second print was done in trade paperback, it was still the same kind of paper – twice as thick as today’s books.  And again, no kindle, no kobo – so it was a paper book that had to last. Well, that made sense but  I still wasn’t happy.

Then the chicks arrived.  They loved the chic, slender book!  “So much easier to hold, so much easier to pop in the purse, not so clunky”.  Okay, so now I felt better.

We had some wine and excellent goodies but couldn’t do dinner.  Jerry had fallen over a cracked sidewalk and was in the emergency department of NYGH.  He had fallen so hard that when he put his hand out to protect himself  his gold and emerald ring (guess who bought that for him 30+ years ago) bent into his flesh and had to be cut off his finger at the hospital.  So they did a cat scan and stitched his eye which was now swollen to three times its usual size. He really does look less than his usual handsome self (see, I do know how to say nice things about my husband).

But if Jerry was a good sport I would post a couple of pictures of his totally grotesque eye, black and blue and red and swollen like a golf ball so you could see it for yourself . But he isn’t a good sport.

We are confident that in two weeks he will be able to be seen in public – so the book launch might be his next excursion.  So be ready. Saturday May 4 – 8:00 p.m. –Chapters/Indigo – Bayview Village.

Back to the launch.  Now we are going to try to get some press blurbs – not exactly sure the best way to do that but we will try our best.

Chapters/Indigo continue to be so helpful – I can’t tell you how great they have been – the book launch party could not be moving along as well as it is without their input – decaf coffee from their Starbucks – still not the same as wine, but…..and of course, the StarrTreats crew is working on unique goodies for all of you to enjoy.

Now I have to find something to wear.  Probably the biggest challenge – wish I had my old body back– oh well, it will be a large crowd and I am not that tall so maybe no one will notice what I’m wearing.

And the band is really playing now!