Deadly Justice

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Rebecca Sherman is intelligent, seductive, and ambitious – a woman whose rise to power from modest childhood must be accomplished in the brutal and uncompromising world of the men around her. Read more

The Third Hole

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Diamonds, drugs, money laundering, murder – the DeLuca and Brattini crime families are still at it – but now there is a new threat to their existence – a threat uncovered during a takedown of Aboriginals (illegally) crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada. Who is behind the threat? The FBI and the RCMP want to know. So do the DeLuca and Brattini families. Their lives depend on it. Read more…

Final Justice

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Final Justice is the powerful story of two women: Rebecca Sherman, a ruthless seductress who succeeded in the uncompromising world of the men around her … and Elizabeth Deluca, an elegant socialite whose childhood secret and fierce love of her sons drives her to the unthinkable. Read more

Tempting Fate

tf1Born in Toronto, Patti Starr was the chair of Ontario Place and involved in a scandal that damaged the Liberal government of David Peterson in the late 1980s. Tempting Fate: A Cautionary Tale of Power and Politics is her personal account of her meteoric rise and devastating fall in the world of high powered politics.

Testimonials and Reviews

Patti Starr’s books have been described as “steamy, sizzling thrillers, torrid page turners, riveting reading.” Final Justice is all that…and more. Goodreads, 2002

Sex, politics and the Mafia. That’s the potent mix stirred up by former Liberal party fundraiser Patti Starr in her new novel, Deadly Justice. Starr, who once called former premier David Peterson a close friend, says the book is “totally fiction – – but fiction, of course, comes from your imagination, which comes from things you’ve seen and heard.” Eye Weekly, Queen’s Park Insider, October 12th, 1995

“Her book is her catharsis. – EYE Weekly, The Park, written by a former Queen’s Park insider, September 16th 1993.

The voters need to know. By lifting a cornber of the bedcovers to expose the dirty linen of her political bedmates, Starr has given us an insightful glimpse of the little crawly things that scuttle from the light. – EYE Weekly, The Park, written by a former Queen’s Park insider, September 16th 1993.

For anyone interested in the inner world of politics, it makes riveting reading – Linda McQuaig, Globe and Mail

A chilling look at the power of politics – Ottawa Citizen

Tempting Fate is titillating read as Starr swats here and there at big names in the political world – Sally Barnes, Toronto Star

Starr performs a significant public service – shedding new light on David Peterson et al, and how morally corrupt was his government – Paul Palango – eye

After being maligned in the Toronto media for nearly two years, Starr now has the opportunity to tell her side of the story. She does so with an honesty and frankness often lacking in such “tell-all” books.. – Windsor Star