Patricia Starr was born in Toronto and heads her own Consulting Firm that specializes in fundraising/special event co-ordination, fact-checking, editing, research and writing. She received her training at Ryerson University.

She was the Chairman & CEO of Ontario Place, Canada’s largest provincial theme park. She has a long history of community involvement, having served on the Boards of several crown and municipal corporations.

In the early 90’s, she was the focus of a judicial inquiry known as the Starr affair that brought down the Peterson government. The Inquiry was eventually shut down by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Justice Ted Wren and Crown Prosecutor Peter Griffiths agreed with Mrs. Starr’s counsel, Peter West, now superior court Judge West, on the statement of facts that included the following comments by Justice Wren presented in an open courtroom to the media and the public present: “Notwithstanding there was no personal financial benefit to Mrs. Starr and her colleagues were surely aware of her activities on their behalf, an example must be made as a general deterrent to the public because of the high profile of this case

She has had four of her books published – three internationally to excellent reviews.

Tempting Fate – A Cautionary Tale of Power and Politics – her own story about the Starr Affair

Deadly Justice – a story of murder, betrayal , revenge and love,  followed by Final Justice – the sequel

The Third Hole – the follow up to Final Justice.

Patti has a long history of volunteerism and is the recipient of several awards for community service.  She is now a blogger, an avid reader, a competitive bridge player and a “why did I miss that shot” golfer.  She is also the proud grandmother of seven.