Living amongst the Trolls

So today’s blog is back to the uglies!  And to the game of one upsmanship that goes on with so many bloggers and those who comment on media articles.

This week I have been called a moron, ugly, fat (that is really painful), a 3rd rate blogger, and a fraud artist (more on that later) – not by one person, but by five individual non-admirers.

My first reaction is always a twinge.  We all want to be liked – we all want to be admired – we all want to be accepted.  But if you use your real name when you post a blog or post a comment and you are true to yourself, there is no protection from whoever wants to take a shot at you.

Most of the uglies come from losers – frustrated wannabees who don’t have the guts to be upfront and honest – they hide behind phony names so they can attack without fear of reprisals.  And I am happy to tell you that despite my advancing years, I am still not afraid of them.  In fact, I love to indulge in verbal battle.  They certainly can’t outthink me – they certainly can’t write as well as I do – so the question is:  are they worth any of my time at all?

The answer for me is yes!  And it is all about my having fun.  And I have grown to really enjoy writing my blogs and inflaming these yo yo’s with my comments on media reporting. So let’s talk about it…again.

The biggest response to any of my blogs was a couple of months ago – it was the one where I also talked about uglies and bad manners.  The three comments that evoked so much reaction this weekend are copied here – what do you think?

  • Hurray! Finally the real facts – so think twice, think twice before so many of you look at the handsome but empty face of Trudeau Jr. Pierre was a rich man’s son who decided that his views of socialism and handouts would work – he opened the doors for thousands to come into Canada without any thoughts about what the long range repercussions would be – the shootings and fatherless children especially in Toronto, twenty-five years later – the plight of our native children still after so many years are the legacy of Trudeau’s view of socialism – and those of his favourite professors – so it didn’t work too well? Oh well, that’s life – let’s move on to the next generation – we already see la la land in his words so – surely not again! Wake up! Once was enough!

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One person called me a moron and the other a 3rd rate blogger.

The Globe and Mail? Once the number one investigative newspaper? So devastated by now being 3rd and watching the Toronto Star grab all those headlines? Honest reporting? Who cares what Doug Ford did in high school? How many of you guys behind the ‘user names’ snuck into closets to play with yourselves back then? Want to read about it in the newspaper? so now it is amusing to see how desperate some of the media are to get the Ford brothers. I don’t know why they just can’t wait to the election next year. The people who count – we the taxpayers – will make our decision. And we’ll let them know.

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One person said I was a fraud artist.

Finally, even with the obvious pain it is causing her, Christie Blatchford acknowledges the disgusting fixation of the Toronto Star with getting Mayor Ford – how many of those people raving and ranting behind ‘user names’ could sustain having to answer any questions that began with , “have you EVER done?????” – how far back should you have to go – so why should Rob Ford or any person have to answer that question – he has done so much more than Miller – no strikes, no garbage stinking up the city for weeks, no payoffs, no tax increases – so he isn’t too polished and eloquent – when the next municipal election comes and that is what is important to you, then you have a chance to really send a message – remember to vote!

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This is where the ‘fat and ugly’ ugly appeared.  The most painful of all.  I posted this picture of me on my blog comments page because I was told that we want people to read my page, get to know me and buy The Third Hole –right? So there is no ‘user name’ or ‘phony name’ for me.  But I hate being called fat.  Of course, I don’t hate it enough to give up the yummies I like – and  I thought it was a great picture.  Maybe I’ll ask the genius son if he can do something with it to make me look skinnier – otherwise, I’ll keep it.  Of course, if I was thinner and less rubenesque I would have lines on my face.  Right?  Of course right!

And finally, the ‘fraud artist’ jibe.  In every single blog and media comment I have done since September, someone refers to the past and the Starr Affair.  At first there were lots of uglies – but then I outlined exactly what the actual end result was – and happily it is also documented on Wikipedia so those attacks now only come once in a while.  But after this weekend’s Ford brothers’ media frenzy, back came the attacks on me.

By the way, all the phony names being used imply that they are male – I wonder.  Who else but another woman knows how we all hate to think of ourselves as fat?  Mmm – could that poison comment be from a female in disguise?

So for all of you who haven’t yet gone to the web page or Wikipedia – here is what the fraud really was. Three volunteers signed a renovation grant report that made a building accessible for the disabled.  Staff was gone after being caught stealing. After two years of daily TV reports, of media reporting allegations galore, of rumours of hundreds of charges coming, I pleaded guilty to being a signator on that grant.  My two other colleagues were not charged. I was sent to Vanier for six weeks.  I received a full pardon in 1996.

Before sentencing, Justice Wren said, “Mrs. Starr has an admirable record of community service. Neither she, nor any of her colleagues, received any personal financial benefit.  But an example must be made”.

So for the last time in my blogs, that is the documented record.  Story over.  So if any of you ding dongs are reading this blog, move on – it’s old news – think of something new and interesting to whine and complain about.  Try sex – if you know how.

Anyhow, I’ll say it again.  If you don’t like the Mayor or any other elected official, make sure you get out and vote.  The bias and hatred being peddled by the media is scary – because if they continue to do it to this Mayor and then hide behind no source allegations, who is next? 

The Third Hole has already sold several hundred print copies – now I have to wait and see how the e-books do.  And I am hoping for a movie deal (keep hoping Patti). It is all uphill from here.  And again, thanks to all of you for your support.