Don’t Outlaw Flirting … Please!

But first – comments on the recent elections.

Did you vote? If not, why not? 64% voted municipally. 34% voted provincially (too bad).

It looks like Premier Wynne is really going to stick it to all those taxpayers who didn’t bother to vote along with the rest of us who did. It would have been nice if she had at least waited six months before zapping all of us again. I shudder about what is coming with the Pan Am games and the MaRS fiasco.

Only one more election to go – kudos to PM Harper for always standing beside Israel and the Jewish people in Canada.

I now have 23,890 upvotes on my comments in The Sun and the National Post. It doesn’t add to my income. It doesn’t do anything for any of you. But it is a motivator. And I can number drop whenever I want.

Now, to the real focus of this blog. THE AGE OLD ART OF FLIRTING!!!! In danger of now disappearing in the shopping bag called sexual harassment

Ghomenshi, Junior and Mulcair. Three losers. They happen to be men. I am a fan of menfolk. But their stupidity might ruin all my fun. And I want to protest!

I told you about my dinner at the Albany club a few weeks ago. I left out the fun and delicious part of that exercise because my blog was about politics. So this is what happened. Since I was with men, I naturally made sure my hair was done, my face was presentable and I was wearing an outfit that did the best it could for my personality. Nice V-neckline – I might as well take advantage as long as I can – time is running out.

My host was a very smart politico – too young for major flirting though I did try one or two good lines – I told him how cute he was and how smart and interesting he was. I also mentioned how nice it was to be back at the Albany Club as his guest. He smiled as he poured some more wine. Men are men – no matter what – and who wants them any different?

Then, from across the dining room, a familiar face was walking towards us.   An old friend from my former life.

“Senator!” I purred as I put my arms around him.

“You look better than you did 20 years ago”, he whispered . OMG! Fantastic! It didn’t matter if he was fibbing or being solicitous or just being a fabulous Italian man. He put his arm around my shoulder as we conjured up some fun memories of past political exploits and who was still around and who was dead. I did notice two women (definitely younger than me) sitting at his table semi-glaring at me.

“Too bad ladies”, I thought.There is nothing more fun than the games we play with the opposite sex”.

Until now. Back to Ghomeshi. The guy roughs up women. Not normal. He is done – he was stupid not to pick up his pitiful marbles and walk away – his advisors in those p/r firms were even more stupid.

And what about the women who came forward to speak about him? And what about those who didn’t? Most of us understand and respect their decisions – but – as long as we live in a free society, there are circumstances that are not completely fair – whether we like it or not. A person cannot be convicted on the word of another without a hearing or a trial. Period.

Mulcair’s Whip “ Nycole” and those two female NDP MP’s were, in some people’s opinions, sneaky and desperate for attention. Going to Trudeau directly and then pretending that their manipulations wouldn’t provoke him into doing something was a sham. Led by Mulcair, they probably thought that they could trap Junior into doing nothing – but they were mistaken. Mulcair now winds up looking like a clone of Jack Layton.

And Junior, whose leadership skills are exceeded only by his good looks, was really stupid. He threw two MPs out of caucus – naming them – basically finishing off their careers – and no doubt stirring up their wives – all in the name of secret allegations of “inappropriate” behavior – or “sexual harassment” unproven or even delineated.

And here is where I jump in. The men may or may not have said something complimentary or sexually suggestive to one or both of those NDPers. I can’t wait to find out which two they were. The men might even have put their arms on one or both of their shoulders or around one or both of their waists. Maybe the women were “hustled. Inappropriate for sure. So? Push them away. Tell them to get lost.

The women were not assaulted.   But nothing was going to spoil the NDP Whip’s pontifications. And her pitiful attempts to garner NDP support on the backs of those two Liberal MPs. She looked like a jerk, she sounded like a jerk and only in Quebec could she have ever been elected.

MPs, male and female, are on an equal footing in our government, unlike women in the workplace who do face extra pressures and who are vulnerable to sexual harassment. But as long as there is no physical force, then it is a woman’s choice to walk away. If she has concerns that her job might be at risk, she should contact the appropriate person where she is employed. What if there is no such person? Then try to change it or look for another job.

Women who are afraid of having their sex lives made public have a tough choice…and it is unfair. Their reluctance to speak out is understandable. No one thinks twice about a man having lots of sexual adventures – somehow it plays out differently when it is a woman. That is the reality of our society.

But still – by putting the “sexual harassment” label on the fun and dynamics between males and females, it connotes a sinister spin. It also makes men vulnerable to unproven allegations that can ruin their lives.

That makes people afraid – and that will spoil everyone’s fun.