Women in Politics – Equal Criticism for Equal Power?

Time to move back to the real world – or as it is sometimes called – life – and that often means politics.

In the province of Ontario during this past year, women have been front and centre politically – that now raises some questions for the rest of us.

Should women be nicer to women politicians just because they are women?  If we critique them as we do to men, does that mean we are disloyal or non- supportive of our gender mates?  Does it mean we are Jealous? Should women be expected to stand with other women just because they are women?

How come these questions are never asked of men?  Since we know that women have skills, brains and ambition it is time to drop the double standard – and the special treatment.  So here is what I have to say about certain politicians…who happen to be female.

Today there are three of them who are making many of us cringe – not because they are stupid, but because they are acting stupid.

Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario.  Andrea Horwath, the leader of the NDP.  Deb Matthews, Minister of Health in Ontario.

The outrage, the incompetence, the corruption going on in the Ministry of Health is almost as bad as McGuinty himself.  Everyone knows it, so why is it still going on?  Because we the people of Ontario let it go on.  Politicians know that only 35% of us bother voting – so they have a very good chance of keeping their jobs just by staying on the ballot.

Today the Ministry of Health has a female boss. Is she weak, or stupid, or indifferent? She followed George Smitherman and David Caplan who were weak, stupid and indifferent.  So being a woman made no difference.  I knew Georgie way back when – he was one of the David Peterson boys that included Vince Borg.  Georgie specifically worked with Murray Elston.  Since Ms. Matthews is David Peterson’s sister-in-law, could that be part of the dynamics?  Who cares?  No one.  Man or woman – the level of mediocrity is the same.

However, when we come to the soap opera of Wynne and Horwath, the story changes dramatically.

Think about what they are doing. Both women are intelligent – they are outstanding orators – they look good – Andrea Horwath in particular exudes confidence and leadership.

BUT WAIT!  Is what we are seeing for real?   The Premier of the Province is capitulating to the daily demands of Horwath, the leader of the NDP? Isn’t that the party of pacifist Mulcair? Or is it pacifist Justin? These two women are acting like children negotiating over candy bars.

  “Give me what I want Premier baby or I’ll bring down your government”

“No, no, Andrea dearest –don’t do that!   I’ll do whatever you want – maybe”

“Good girl Premier – and each time you give me a crumb, I’ll demand a whole cookie”.

Any bets on how long this will last?  And does it matter which political party they belong to?


Some of my recent political comments in the media:

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Another great article that tells the whole story. Unfortunately, Horwath has sold all of us down the river, especially herself and the NDP. She knows that she and Wynne are toast when an election is called – so she will cling to power as long as she can – and that means rationalizing NDP support for the Liberals. We will be forced to wait out the clock – remember this everyone! And commit to getting out the vote on Election Day!

The truth is – male politicians would not be carrying on like this – even the worst of them. So come on girls, smarten up.  Do the right thing and stop the nursery antics.  Don’t fall into the stereotypical image of weak and indecisive women.  Think of Margaret Thatcher and fantasize that you could be like her.

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At the end of the day it is up to us, the people, to get out and vote these creepos out of office – I wonder if all the people who write their comments and make all kinds of macho recommendations bother? There is only one cold, hard fact – we get what we deserve if we don’t bother to vote. And that apathy is what encourages the politicians to ignore us, to dismiss us, to rip us off – they know that only 35% care enough to get off their bums and do something. Let’s surprise them this time around – out!!!! Even Hudak, despite his limited personality, will be so much better for us than what we have had for the last eight years. At least we can hope.



Politics is not only about elections, and broken promises and corruption.  It is also a part of our everyday lives. The next comments are a prelude to my upcoming blog on the TIFF saga , another ongoing political drama.

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“Well, aren’t you all getting sick of these former Millerites, present Mcguintyites and soon to be ex-councillors (we hope) doing their best to keep our glorious city in the union ages? The airport has turned out to be wonderful for the community – new income, not noisy, jobs – the best for Toronto.

Now I wonder why Perksface and Vaughan don’t have any problems doling out millions of dollars and realty tax exemptions to the ten day TIFF film festival (quietly, of course) but are doing nothing to help their own constituents in getting some tax relief? Surely it can’t be the free tickets or the perks (what an appropriate name) they get for their girlfriends? Or themselves? Nooooo – of course not! Wanna bet?”


This morning when I was in the Temple Library doing my regular librarian duties, an irate gentleman came in looking for me.

Who cares what that stupid film festival is doing?  Hardly anyone goes. You are going to make trouble for the Jews. We will all get blamed for whatever happens.  Let them do what they want.  Forget it!”

And an email from my friend Betty:

Stop! Don’t continue with this.  Let it go. You will accomplish nothing.  They are powerful men and they have very powerful friends.  All you will do is make enemies for yourself. Walk away!

The TIFF saga will be the subject of my next blog – see you in a couple of days.