Women – We are the Best – at least most of the time

The excitement is here!  My first two books about the DeLuca family saga, Deadly Justice and Final Justice are being re-released by Iguana Books. 

And The Third Hole, my latest novel will be launched at the end of April.  More details will follow over the next two weeks.

The underlying story in my novels is about murder, sex, the Mob and in The Third Hole, the bad Russians and Israelis. But the story also focuses on strong women – women who despite their fears and inexperience in committing murders, rise to the occasion – rise to the challenges that life throws at them – and always work together to make sure they are standing tall at the end of the day.

Since my back is still iffy and two days ago I had a vertigo re-visit – I decided to take it easier. Yesterday morning at 5:30 a.m. as I sat in my office sipping my losing Timmy roll up the rim coffee and glancing at the four newspapers I read every day, there it was – right in front of my eyes!!! An article that absolutely insisted that I respond to it!

Allegations were being made against the Mayor by a losing candidate. She claimed that he had groped her tush.  She had no proof, of course.  And later when she suggested, on TV, that he was probably taking drugs, that was really too much, even for her. So I sent a comment to (the Toronto Sun).

“Oh, here we go again – another frustrated loser – no accomplishments – a record of failures trying to get herself elected – what is left? Just that old tried and true tactic – accuse a man of inappropriate touching or whatever just to get publicity and her name in the papers …in this case, another attack on the Mayor – and whatever one thinks of him, he really isn’t that stupid – groping her?– it is the kiss of death for any politician – wouldn’t it be nice if she actually had to pay for her pitiful attempts at self-promotion at someone else’s expense? – I wonder what else she would do to get attention – yuck!”

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Oh I got a few uglies from two men – but I am not sorry.  It was worth it, especially when there were some nice comments from other women– that always feels good.

Very few women resort to this kind of sink hole behaviour, no matter how much they want publicity.  It is the losers who grasp at old straws – I don’t think even the Toronto Star would have slipped so low on their own.  And the great news is that in today’s world of social media and instant communication, that woman’s fifteen minutes will be over before she will ever be remembered.  So she is now old news and I move on to talk about my new book.

The Third Hole is as exciting and compelling as it is because of the input and passion of women.   And they have all succeeded in their own careers because of their abilities to think, to strategize, to cope  with the pressure and most of all, because they are women.  Most of us are like that.

We accept our losses – sometimes even our inabilities – and we sure wish the best to others who can do it better than we can.  We know that we can all exceed at something.

All of the army of brainpower geniuses handling my social media ineptness know that they can’t write as well as me.  So they stifle their frustration when having to deal with my limitations and just do it – whatever it is and whatever has to be done.  And that is the best partnership – their skills working with my skills –so very different – but confident that we will all come out winners.

So let’s dismiss the desperate acts of some women who are cheap and petty.  Share my belief that most of us care, are not diminished by our limitations, and conduct ourselves at a level of class that won’t embarrass ourselves, our families and our friends.

The Company of Women – a subject I have written about before – is much enhanced by the Company of Men.  Love you guys – fathers, brothers, husbands, sons and of course, lovers.   I promise never to use you as an excuse for any of my failures – which hopefully will be very few.

So get ready to fly with me!  Coming soon to a bookstore near you – The Third Hole!  And I’ll share more details of the plot with you in my next blog. If you haven’t already, put in your email below to be notified.